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The Buddha's Explanation of the Universe

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Published in 1957 by the Lanka Buddha Mandalaya Fund, this book answers the need for an english explanation of the subject of Buddhism Abhidhamma. A detailed synopis edited by the author presents a tabular view of paragraph headings which guide through the expansion of the Abhidhamma teachings.

Along with that, the second part of the book exposes in form of Questions & Answers, the author's dissertations related to some conventional question as given at the author's broadcasts over the national service of radio ceylon.

The author also provide in the final part of the book a set of concise appendices:
* A very short treatment of The life of the Buddha
* A summary of the Buddhist Literature (the Pali Canon)
* A concise dissertation about the Fundamental buddhist beliefs, as the salient points on which all buddhists agree.
* A resume of the Pncha Sila (the five resolutions conducive to good morality)

A glossary of PALI terms is reported at the end of the book along with its direct english translation.  

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